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Contact Us with your Testamonial of your puppy buying as experienced through Denver Akitas. We are happy to provide you with references of people who have dealt with us in the past. This is a good way for you to get a feel for who we are and how we operate. Are we true to our word, are we forthright in our answers and most important how is the health and temperament of our pups? 

dleeannsilz@aol.com| call: 
(720)877-7141 or (303)941-0111
--Original Message--
Hi Donna, 
You bred SHINKEN in February of 2012. I picked hi up from you about 5 weeks later. He is 4 now. 126lbs and the best dog I have ever owned. You should be proud as he is a wonderful member of the family and just the coolest Akita ever. Thank you, Sean
My first experience with Denver Akitas and Donna, The owner, was wonderful. I went to visit her place before selecting my puppy. Akitas are wonderful dogs and I made the decision to purchase my puppy from Denver Akitas after spending many hours on the internet checking out different breeders. I even had my Vet and trainer check out her web site, and they approved of her operation and thought her dogs were of great quality. Donna is a wonderful person, and when you meet her you will only then fully understand her love for animals. 

-Alice,   JULY 2014
I pickedup my puppy on October 12, 2014, and have enjoyed seeing the litters page where her picture is posted and frequently updated. We are calling her Nanook. We will probably purchase another puppy from Denver Akitas future litters. Many years ago, I was a Akita breeder, and I know what quality, temperament, and disposition to look for. Denver Akitas is where you want to be when electing a puppy. 

I think it's important to check out the kennels and operation of any breeder prior to your purchase. When you check out Denver Akitas, you will see a wonderful selection of dogs and very clean kennels. 

I Was Looking for Akita puppies when I ran across an ad for Denver Akitas. I called and right away Shawna made me feel like an old friend. We set a date for her to come by my home with two puppies. She showed up as planned with two wonderful baby boys! We were only going to get one, but ended up with two of them. 

This beautiful baby went on to be a service dog for his proud owner.  Such an amazing dog with a very important job.
We have had our beautiful Akira for 14 months.  She loves walks, playing in the snow and snuggling in front of the fireplace.  She is very calm, loving and obedient.  As with this breed, when we hear her bark - we look to see who is there since she doesn't bark unless she feels there is a threat. Akira loves playing with the neighborhood dogs and tries to play with our neighbors cat too! Everywhere we go with her, people stop to pet her! She loves it and will give anyone kisses! It takes us forever to walk through Garden of the Gods! I cannot be more pleased with our precious dog, she is a beloved member of our family!  Wendy O.
Hi Shawna, Max is doing amazing. We cannot thank Denver Akitas enough for our big boy. I entered him in a drawing and he won /a free photo shoot that's taking place next Saturday. I'll send you the pictures. 

Here are the Pictures from Max's photo shoot. 
Credit to Bina Photography -Find her on Facebook-
Sweet Baby Kono, this big guy has absolutely taken over our family’s hearts. He’s getting huge but his size no where compares to how big his heart is. He’s absolutely the sweetest and most loving dog we’ve ever had! At 12 weeks old, he can sit, shake, lay down, roll over (almost), stay and even give a high five! Denver Akita’s may have given us the opportunity to have a fur baby in our house but what they didn’t know is that they allowed us to extend a member of our family by one furry, sweet baby Kono! Thank you Denver Akitas! At the second vet visit, Kono’s vet said he was the healthiest puppy she’s ever seen. Then gave a huge compliment to the Breeder. Just one of the reasons Denver Akitas are the best, they truly care for the puppies before you take over. Thank you again, we couldn’t imagine life without our sweet baby Kono! 
Shelby, Jason and Max