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Family Operated
We have thrived to proved the utmost quality animal care and client communication. From working side by side with trusted veterinarians to keeping up on the well being of all the puppies we place, we focus on giving our pups the best possible loving homes. 

At Denver Akitas we focus on giving back to the community by donating to families and individuals in need. 

Call us today to learn more about our history as well as our future plans for Denver Akitas.

Donna has been raising Akitas for over 40 years. She is an expert in the field and utilizes her extensive experience in order to provide families with the best puppy fit possible. She has professional education in dog training as well as customer care. If you have any questions regarding the breed, Donna is the most compassionate and experienced Akita caregiver one could ask for.
-Ashley, Denver Colorado
Shawna, daughter of Donna, she has been raised around the breed. She has owned this loving breed her whole life and has a passion for animal care in a number of areas. She is very often on call to answer any questions regarding pets we have placed or will place. She spends much time ensuring that our Akitas stay in loving homes for the entirety of their life. With a thorough education in animal care and training Shawna is absolutely an expert worth learning from.
Our family has been raising Akitas for over 40 years!
We are educated in Veterinary Medicine as well as responsible pet training.
We provide quality loving puppies all over the United States!
Just took Kota  to his first vet appointment and he is super healthy! He is doing very well in his new home and has definitely become comfortable with his new surroundings.His temperament is totally awesome. He is really calm and just so loving. Very smart too... can already do sit/down/go from down to sit/shake hands/ and comes to his name at times. We just love him so much!
Ruben provides loving one on one care to all of our animals. He ensures each and every one is specially cared for from providing unique dietary needs for whelping litters and mothers to one on one training for each and every puppy. When you meet our puppies you will immediately see his training in place. Ruben teaches each puppy to sit, shake hands, potty train and socialize with people and other animals. The care and integration Ruben provides for our animals is integral to our companies overall quality. 
Denver Akitas
Shawna 303-941-0111 Donna 720-877-7141
Carenity, daughter of Shawna, she has been raised around the breed. She loves sleeping with every puppy and teaching them all new tricks. She's very good with the puppies and dogs. She does her fair amount of daily chores. She walks the dogs and puppies, cleans pens, and feeds and waters everyone. Everyday they each get their "cookie" treat and they know if she forgets. Sometimes she gives them Ice Cream if them are being really good.
Granddaughter/Future Dog Trainer/Owner