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email: Stellar.Paws.Colorado@gmail.com
Your Gentle Positive Akita Trainer –
Hi: My name is Aashdoda (Awe-sh-doe-da).
In 1966 I began Obedience Training for all breeds of dogs, specializing in Siberian Husky’s and all Nordic Breeds.

By 1991 I began discovering I was specializing in behaviors for Working Service Dogs for most disabilities, including PTSD.

I also specialized in the Rehabilitation of dog’s that didn’t know how to be a dog anymore because of abuse and/or neglect. I brought them home and turned their heads around from the inside; walked into their hearts with a loving touch and gentle understanding of the ways that animals instinctively know to communicate in. When I was done, they knew how to be a happy dog again and quickly found forever homes.

In 2011, as the story goes there was a twist of fate that blessed me with my first 100-pound Akita rescue. I heard her cry, went to her aid. In seconds the people gave her to me. No Training whatsoever she was more than two handfuls of any dog; still I was utterly in love! Though I had trained them I had not owned one until this point.

Due to old age, 15 I lost my old girl and her buddy a Siberian Husky of nearly 16 years. I knew where my heart was and what it was time to do. I made one phone call and knew I found the Breeder I wanted to deal with, DenverAkitas.com.  

As a Trainer I am picky for specific reasons whether for myself or my clients where any dog comes from and what their bloodlines are. It determines a lot about their personalities and demeanor. Donna, Shawna and Ruben blew me away with not just professionalism and knowledge but their hearts and wisdom for the Akita breed. Hands down I will never go anywhere else for my Akitas. Their kennels, their entire set up, the records they keep and the manner with which they handle their puppies is outstanding, born of a deep affection and passion for this incredible breed.

[When I got my puppy, Radiant I was utterly thrilled by her demeanor and the quality of Working Service Dog she has the potential to become.]
To date I am also on Rover.com in Colorado Springs

Dog Sitting for extended 
periods doing 
Doggie Day Care + Pop-byes also. 

Here is how you find me on Rover.com, or search Sitters by my name 
Aashdoda H. 
in case you need me:  

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Working Service Dog in Training
I will continue Training Dogs independently as time permits; Stellar.Paws.Colorado@gmail.com.
***On behalf of DenverAkitas.com I will be available for Consults and Free Training Tips and How To’s for One month to anyone that purchases one of these incredible animals, whether it is a cute little fluffy puppy or any of their older dogs.
If you happen to live outside of my area yet have an internet connection, I will be happy to set dates and time aside to help you and your new puppy transition into a loving forever partnership called ‘family’. Most issues can be solved with a phone call, however, there are times seeing what is happening between you and your dog is Best, which can easily be accomplished on a tablet or phone thru Skype or Facebook. 
My goal is for you to experience the joy that I have everyday with my Akita, Radiant. I will teach you to understand the heart of the Akita and how to get the most out of your experience with them while also having a well-mannered dog you can be very proud of, take into public, and to truly understand these extraordinary dogs.
***I am also offering a reduced 50% off my normal fee for Training for the life of your dog on the provision you buy from DenverAkitas.com. I will take on any Training issues at any age. I am doing this on behalf of DenverAkitas.com because I believe in this breed and the people that stand behind these magnificent animals.

We have teamed up with a wonderful trainer. She is offering specials on training for puppies purchased from us. Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity.
UPDATE: Unfortunately we lost Aash to Covid December 2021. She is dearly missed by all of Denver Akitas